Wednesday, 14 November 2012

the rabbits


Penny came to us when she was two years old along with her life long mate Daisy . One of our friends no longer wanted them so we agreed to take them in since their kids had lost interest in them. I had been longing for any kind of pet for years so we jumped at the opportunity to have two nice rabbits . We renamed them since their old names no longer suited them. Penny was originally fidget and Daisy was fudge. They came to us very scared and nervous. Penny would bite   but this didn't put us off, we loved them to pieces and after one year of being with us she gradually stopped biting us .She moved out  of the small hutch that we had been provided with,  it wasn't sufficient room for her, she was a French lop the smallest of the giant rabbit breeds. I know this was my first rabbit but she was amazing , she had such a strong character and I will never forget that.
She loved jumping so we constructed  some rabbits agility  jumps . She used to stand in front of the obstacle course and wait for a signal "GO!".  Then she would go bolting off down the  agility course . After her run she would wait for you to pick her up and put her at the front of the agility course . 

I think the most amazing thing that I experienced with Penny was when one cold winter after it had snowed , I was doing my usual morning cleaning in  my ski gear and  I was checking their nestbox . As I opened the nest box door, steam came out of  it . Penny immediately grabbed the door and shut it firmly and thumped her foot in disapproval, she carried on keeping the door shut even though my attempts to  open the door slightly.

 She stayed two happy years  with us. She was such a little warrior.  Sadly , she passed away because of a heart attack,  only four years old. She is buried in our garden and I visit her grave often in the mornings when I am cleaning out the  rabbits hutch .
                   Sleep in peace my little angel...   

    Daisy was  Penny's companion. She was such a character, though not as smart as Penny. Daisy wasn't a fussy eater,she really loved her food .She was voracious! 

I remember one funny moment when she helped herself to the fruit bowl on the kitchen table.She choose to munch a juicy pear.  She later tried again but mum had moved the fruit bowl out of her reach.There is this moment also when mum rang  the bell to let us known that lunch was ready and  saw Daisy jumping in the chair and to sit down at the table.So funny!

She was a very affectionate rabbit.She lived with us for 4 years. she's buried next to her penny sadly she had to be put down Because of an incurable disease she was put down on February 21, 2012.She was 6 years old.She's is buried next to Penny under the conifer tree.


Winston was adopted as a companion to Daisy because she was very depressed after Penny passed away.Winston was the only rabbit available for adoption at the time so we didn't have much choice but I wouldn't change it for the world actually I've never ever chosen my rabbits since they all come from rescues. Winston came from a lady who could no longer care for him. Did you know black rabbits stay in shelters the longest ?
 I noticed that Winston  did not hop, he would walk one foot in front of the other. I was concerned but I knew that he was an indoor rabbit maybe kept in a small cage. Winston had very good manners: he would sip water like a little gentleman and eat unhurriedly, not like daisy that would try and eat everything as quickly as possible . Though he started coping  her bad  habits, I found out that a lot of owners notice this  when one rabbit is younger than the other .

Winston is now a five years old ,healthy and happy bunny. There will be some more posts about him.


Suki was a very unhappy little bunny when we first got her.

As you can see from the picture she is a lion head cross .Suki and a group of rabbits had been abandoned in the woods. After a  night in the wild, they were  taken to a rabbit rescue where  we were looking for a new friend for our little Winston. She looked terrible, her coat was all matted and she needed to be taken to the vet to have it shaven off. When we brought her home, her fur was all spicky and she had stitches in her backside. 

Since then, our little Suki has grown back her coat and is happy and healthy, still scruffy though .


Lilly was found on the woods with Suki. Because we didn't have the heart to chose one of them ,we adopted both rabbits. Lilly is white and fluffy. People find her pink eyes scary,this reduced her chance to be re homed. . So we came home with 2 frightened rabbits, luckily our hutch was big enough for two extra little bunnies.

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