Thursday, 3 January 2013

Training the untrainable

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Ever had a pet that is untrainable, poops on the carpet ,gets into fights with every dog in the neighbourhood, bites or runs away from you!  Some pets have these behavioural problems yet with  patience, perseverance and love they can become the perfect pet.

Perseverance is key. Your pampered pooch is  used to behave badly and will not take kindly to being told who is the  boss. These pampered pooches are often toy breeds . They are treated like toys, carried around in handbags and wearing expensive doggie clothing and die Monty collars .SO CUTE! 
Not so cute when  it snap at you and try to bite you ... 

 1 Give your dog plenty of exercise!

Even if your dog is just a little Chihuahua, 5 min around the block isn't enough : 30 minutes  twice a day will help burn all that extra energy and make him less excitable.

2 Yes, I know, your dog is your baby but treat it like a dog. Your dog has legs so let it walk.

3 Do not let your dog get away with trying to bite you,seek professional advice, this habit can be potentially very dangerous. 

4 Socialise your dog with  other dogs. Do not let your dog jump up on you or anyone .It's a sign of dominance !

5 Please do  not let your dog sleep in your bed!

6 Teach your dog to walk to heel, it will help  control your dog better, no more pulling you down the street.

7 Teach it to wait for food: use command" wait" and "take it".

Start training  your new puppy from day one. Establish rules and boundaries. Your puppy is never too young to learn .Most dogs get their behavioural problems from a young age. 

What is dominance and how do I know if my dog is dominant?

Does your dog jump up on everyone who walks through the door,
 growls and tries to bite when you  discipline him? Your dog is telling you who is the boss here.

My puppy sleeps in my bed with me and cries when I try to put her in her dog bed. 

This is often more traumatic for the owner than the puppy. Be patient. Try putting a  dog crate in your bedroom, your Puppy will be close to you but still in it's own bed. 

My dog barks constantly. How can I make him stop?

This could be a sign of anxiety, therefore finding the cause of your dogs anxiety is a better strategy then just disciplining your dog for the barking. If your dog  start barking when you leave the house it may have separation anxiety.

Why shouldn't I dress my dog up?

Dressing up your dog  in cute outfits is fun, but does your dog really like being dressed up? The answer is NO. Your dog likes all the fuss and attention you give him.Forget about the scratchy prickly  tutu you just bought him ,there are  comfortable practical doggy coats and jumpers, look for some without sleeves as they can be uncomfortable and restrictive for your dog to walk in.Who said practical couldn't be cute.

If you have any more questions about bringing home your first puppy just leave a comment and I'll try my best to answer it.

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