Monday, 25 February 2013

the bunnies playroom

I thought I would devote this post to my  bunnies playroom.They live in a three storey hutch in the garden. The ground floor is their  playroom. 
It can be great fun creating play spaces for your rabbits! Some people use a run or a corner of a family room to make a great bunny playground using tubes, boxes, baby toys, cardboard house, and other things to create a fun, safe and stimulating environment for your pet to exercise, play, hop, leap and dance.
I use old towels as  flooring since I can just stick them in the washing machine. They also have a hay rack and litter box.

I like to have a tunnel or  a Heidi house in their playroom so they have somewhere to hide.I use baby toys, home-made and shop bought rabbit toys, as well as parrot toys. Use your imagination you can make bunny toys with loo rolls and tin cans, bottle tops, egg cartons. Cardboard boxes make great Heidi houses.
 I weekly swap their toys to keep them entertain...

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