Saturday, 25 May 2013

The bunny challenge step two exercise post 2

This post is addressing the daily task of keeping our little nibblers occupied. In the wild, rabbits can run up to 5 miles a day!   It is essential in keeping a rabbit fit and healthy to have access to an exercise run . This is important as your rabbit need to exercise for 4 to 6 hours a day, for more information on rabbit runs click   Here. Rabbits also need a lot of mental stimulation, they are intelligent, playful beings which enjoy human interactions and games.  People believe that rabbits don't play.Well, they do. They just play differently to say a dog or a cat.
In this post I am sharing some DIY bunny toy ideas, enjoy and please comment.

Before starting your project, remove any tape or staples from the cardboard. Always make sure that any materials you use are bunny safe.

A great first project :cardboard carrot and "toss and chew" toy.

The "daisy"house!

I used a non-toxic kids glue to stick the daisy to the cardboard but if your bunny is a big chewer don't use any glue at all.

the bunny rocket

Great if you want something different in your bunnies run, cool and  very unique!

Don't do what I did . I underestimated my bunny's waistline...A bit of a technical hitch at the photo shoot.

The Tutankhamen's Egyptian pyramid.
Quick And easy to make, great for bunnies that love chewing.

Videos and links
The best shop-bought toys, you could ever get your rabbit.

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Gracie Elston said...

Is the curly-cue in picture 21 made of a paper towel roll tube? If not, how did you make it? It looks like a really cute toy!