Friday, 15 March 2013

bunnies supplies 2

 Today I bought some bunny supplies:  two bales of hay from joollies and 2 kg bags of Excel pellets which last them about three weeks .I thought I would try this product from Excel"  raspberry gnaw sticks". 

                                      fun ball trio
I  wasn't impressed in the pet shop by their rabbits toys selection, so I went home and made some of my own. Now the rabbits are having lots of fun tearing them to pieces.
And for next to nothing I had a whole box of bunny friendly toys,
To make the plaited cardboard chew toy, you cut thin strips of cardboard and  plait them, tied the ends off with some plain string and you're done.

To make the mobile, search on you tube and you'll find lots of tutorial videos.


The Rabbitry said...

Great ideas to make bunny toys. This is next task for me. For sure I will need some toys for the bunnies. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

outdoors blogger said...

Thanks for commenting, I'll be making a whole new box of toys so a new bunny toy post coming up soon.