Sunday, 31 March 2013

The bunny challenge the diet plan step 1


Changing suddenly a rabbit’s diet  can upset their tummy  so always introduce new foods gradually over at least a week. If your rabbit has a medical condition or if your pet is on any medication, consult your vet before changing its diet.

(1) fresh good quality hay( Timothy Hay or Meadow hay) Their own body size in hay should be given and top up regularly during the day.

(2)A handful of Fresh fruit, veg and herbs. Such as 
 Brussels Sprouts
 Carrots (only feed occasionally – they are high in sugar. The leafy tops are OK)
 Celery leaves
 Dandelion (in moderation – can make your rabbit go to the toilet more than usual)
Green beans 
Radish tops

(3) A tablespoon or eggcup of commercial rabbit nuggets once daily (or twice daily if the rabbit weighs over 3.5kg).such as Burgess Excel or supreme science selective rabbit food.

(4) fresh clean water at all times.

(5) treats such as apple, carrots and bananas should only be given occasionally and in small quantities since they have a high sugar content. Avoid high sugar treats and snacks.

Packet guidelines, body weight and shape should be taken into account as well as veterinary advice when deciding what and how much too feed your rabbit.
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